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Frequently asked questions

Whats Required to Purchase a Handgun?

To purchase a handgun you must be at least 21 years of age with a valid CA drivers license, a valid FSC (Firearms Safety Card) and a proof of residency ie: Utility Bill, Car Registration, Lease Agreement, CCW ( Concealed Weapon Permit), or a government issued ID ie: Peace Officer, Military, Etc

What is Required to Purchase a Long Gun?

To purchase a long gun in California you must have a valid CA drivers license and either a valid FSC (Firearms Safety Card) or a current hunting license.

What is and how do I get an FSC (Firearms Safety Card)?

An FSC is required to purchase any gun in the state of California. To obtain your FSC come on in and take the simple 30 Question test. It will cost $15 but is good for 5 years and for any gun you may buy in California!

How long must I wait to pick up my gun?

After you've come in and completed your paperwork you have a ten day waiting period but after that you're good to come on in and pick it up. Don't wait too long though, if you wait 30 days after to original paperwork was comleted we have to restart another ten day waiting period and 50 more dollars!

New Handgun Waiting Period?

If you purchase a new handgun from us or anyone else you must wait 30 more days to purchase another handgun. However if you purchase a used gun you can buy as many as you want in any amount of time.

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